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Basic Starter Panel

These are used for dust extraction applications and vary in size from 1.1kw D.O.L. up to 37kw Star Deltas. The dust filters associated with this type of extraction are cleaned by either a shaker motor or by reverse air jet. In the case of the shaker motor, there is a small motor which mechanically shakes the filter bags and thus cleans it. In this process we provide a twin timer so that when the system is shut down there is a delay to allow the main extraction fan to slow down before the shaker motor is operated. Once the timer has timed out the system will then be ready to operate again.

In the case of the reverse air jet cleaning, this is done by an electronic board known as a sequencer. WT manufacture a full range of this type of controller. On this type of panel there are fused outputs giving the controller 110v AC whenever the main fan is on. In many cases we add what is known as a over run timer which acts so that when the main fan is turned off the supply to the controller is held on for up to 30 minutes.This is a means of cleaning down the filter at the end of day or production cycle.