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Waste Handling Panel

These panels handle waste and dust where the waste is either paper trim or cardboard trim.
In order to move this type of trim you need to chop it up at source using a chopping fan, which then allows the smaller bits of trim to pass down the ductwork to the seperator. There it is allowed to fall out of the airflow and pass through a rotary airlock and down into either a compactor or a baler. In many cases there are two compactors in which we then control a diverter which can force the trim to go to either one of the compactors. These type of panels monitor several points in the process to detect for blockages. These are high level sensors in the drop chutes, rotation fault with rotary airlock, diverter positional information, together with compactor available, nearly full and full. The philosophy of these panels are handled by a Siemens Logo or in the case of larger systems by a PLC. The philosophy is tailored to the customers specification and is different in nearly every case.